Karl Larsen got interested in photography at an early age when he worked in the camera department of a major department store in Upstate NY. After receiving his Bachelor of Science from State University of New York – Binghamton, he traveled to Los Angeles where he landed a job with the House of Blues and started his career as a resident photographer. He was then brought in to open the House of Blues in Las Vegas where he took over 2000 photographs a week of both the shows and the patrons, honing in on his skills of catching the moment with people in low light conditions.

Larsen’s skills were quickly noticed by numerous music publications such as “Mean Streets” and then soon by “RollingStone”. His consistency for anticipating the shot has had RollingStone sending him on assignment nation-wide and as of recent, internationally. “I believe they choose to send me… because rather than worrying if I got the shot they just need to worry about what shot they are going to use.” “I am truly more at home wedged in a pit between 50,000 crazed fans and a 120 decibel rock band then I am in my own living room. It’s extremely difficult to break my concentration under those conditions.”

His coverage of bands from Aerosmtih to ZZtop has been sought out by other major publications including Us Weekly, Blender, Entertainment Weekly, People and Billboard magazines as well as signing licensing deals for his photography with record labels and manufacturers of musical equipment.